Some would call us 10x engineers, rockstars, ninjas and so on. But we are just regular folks with a committment to go deep in terms of our technical knowledge, build and train our intuition to see software design patterns and be meticulous and focused on what we're doing. We encourage practices such as pair programming and unit testing because it builds a culture of focus and forces the pair to pre-medidate on the needs of the project and the task at hand before writing code.

Our Team

Vagmi Mudumbai

With over 13 years of software craftsmanship and consulting under his belt, he is constantly looking to improve his skills and in search of better tools. Having worked on multiple languages and technologies ranging from Ruby, Clojure, Java, C#, Actionscript and C++, he has currently settled on Clojure, Ruby and Javascript. He loves to teach as much as he loves to learn.

Dhruva Sagar

Dhruva has been fascinated by computers from a very young age. He is someone who has a propensity towards writing beautiful code, which implies, good design, formatting and organisation. He is a full stack developer who loves to dabble with all aspects of an application be it backend, frontend, infrastructure or database. He has a strong liking towards functional programming paradigms and likes to work with / learn programming languages that offer that paradigm. He is equally comfortable with Ruby, Javascript, VimScript and is learning Clojure, Haskell, Golang. He swears by VIM and is a huge open source enthusiast. Apart from that he loves playing Dota 2

Gaurav Agarwal

Gaurav has been programming since he was 9 years old, starting with logo in school. He has worked professionally on 13 languages. He is currently learning Go and relearning Elm. In his free time, he likes to play Guitar. Outdoorsy!

Deepak Prasanna

Deepak has as much love for code as he has for reading and writing fiction. He is equally comfortable with Scala, Ruby and Javascript. He is extremely excited about Functional Reactive patterns and has been researching Haskell and Elm to that effect

Sudhakar Rayavaram

Problem solver with 13 years of experience in software design and development across the stack. He is passionate about sensible user interfaces. Being a rookie cartoonist, Data visualizations and cartoons is his answer for effective communication of ideas

Kalpesh Patel

Android developer who gives attention to details. He is currently playing around functional reactive programming and recently in love with kotlin and IOT

Pavan Kumar C

Passionate iOS developer who loves creating elegant apps and playing around with storyboards. Excited with react native and its compilation speed.

Rajiv Manivannan

Passionate android developer who loves creating elegant apps. Rajiv also has a penchant for electronics. When he is not slinging out android apps, he can be seen tinkering with Arduinos and RaspberryPis. He is too humble to brag about his soldering skills.

Raja Jawahar

Avid programmer who is fond of developing mobile apps. He has started with Android and now bagging knowledge on iOS. He spends time diligently contributing to StackOverflow.

Divyanshu Upreti

Divyanshu likes solving complex business problems using mathematics and programming. He obsesses over making things simple but no simpler. He likes coding in Ruby, Elixir, Clojure, JS and loves the combination of Elixir and React. Apart from this he enjoys reading SciFi/Non-fiction and playing his guitar.

Mahendra Rajan

Over the past 16 years of building distributed systems, Mahendra has discovered the quintessence of complex systems and the zen of transcending technology fads.

Vinoth kumar A

A Server admin turned Developer. First introduced to BASIC at 6, he loves to try his hands on multiple programming languages and loves automating things. If you want to talk about human evolution, society or anthropology he is your guy.