We have been privileged to work with the following companies on their projects. We have helped them ship solutions, provided training and provide consultation on best practices on how to structure their teams and solve difficult technology problems.

React based fleet management solution, Trip simulator, Insurance telematics
Built with React, ImmutableJS, Rails, Sidekiq, RabbitMQ, HTML5, Javascript, PostgreSQL
Elixir based SMS Marketing and Document Delivery system, Golang based SMS Gateway integration
Built with Ruby, Elixir, Phoenix Framework, GoLang, RabbitMQ, React
PDF engine development that generates on-demand reports for the user profiles
Built with Ruby, HexaPDF, PrawnPDF, Rails, ImageMagick
RaspberryPi powered shop floor tool cart, NFC tags and reader integration with Python, BLE for location sensing, Node.js based dashboard
Built with IoT, Raspberry Pi, Python, Go
Responsive and interactive landing page for "Creative Difference"
Built with Javascript, ScrollMagic, CSS3
Page load optimization, Magento integration with the Rails frontend, Mithril based isomorphic shopfront
Built with Ruby, Rails, Clojure, HTML5, Javascript, CSS, Docker, Oracle, Jenkins
App stabilization, Refactoring and Enhancements of the complete E-commerce system.
Built with Ruby, Rails, React, Javascript
Enhancements and Refactoring of Inkl iOS app
Built with Swift, iOS, Realm, Fastlane
Firebase and PostgreSQL powered geofencing and smart notifications for a match making app
Built with Ruby, Rails, Android, Firebase, PostgreSQL
Django and Python based vehicle tracking and fleet management solution.
Built with Python, Django, PostgreSQL, Webpack
Rails powered Asset Based Lending platform with performant reports.
Built with Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL
Spree powered APIs for B2B ecommerce backend complying with Indian tax laws.
Built with Spree, Rails, Spring
Ruby and Rails based Enterprise meeting scheduling system for B2B events
Built with Ruby, Rails
Ruby and Rails powered phone call reconciliation application for internal reporting
Built with Ruby, Rails, Consulting