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Tarka Labs

We are a team of passionate hackers, designers and product managers. We believe in experimental methods to identify the best solutions to problems instead of working on technology du jour.

The word Tarka has its origins in sanskrit that loosely translates to logic in english. We view the discipline of software development as a craft. This means that we are always striving to be better craftsmen today than we were yesterday.

Tarka Sastra is a science of dialectics, logic and reasoning, and art of debate that analyzes the nature and source of knowledge and its validity.
- Wikipedia

What we

Product Engineering

We practice agile in the spirit of the Agile Manifesto. We consider the following practices essential for delivering software as a team.

  • Automated tests with Test Pyramid strategy
  • Deployment pipeline
  • Processes that help distributed teams
  • Key rituals such as standups and retros.
  • Tools for remote pair programming.

Please visit our Projects section to know more about our engagements.


If you already have a team and are looking for accelerating the development and delivery. We will help you study and improve on existing processes, analyze and suggest better technological approaches based on the requirements and the complexity of the current codebase. Please read our article on Brownfield Development to know more.


We like talking about software and our experiences with it.

  • We conduct Reboot that focus on the craft of software development
  • We also conduct technology specific workshops on React, Ruby, Elixir and Javascript as a structured course

Our courses would accelerate your team's understanding and boost their learning curve.