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_what we do
/Product engineering
Clean coded web and mobile apps, from the ground up. ->
Building a culture of learning, best practices, and deliberate growth. ->
Let’s build something
great together.
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Headshot of Gurukeerthi Gurunathan

Tarka Labs has thought leaders and subject matter experts. They solve complex problems and build robust well-architected systems, and our conversations are always enriching. They are passionate tech craftsmen abreast with the latest trends. They have definitely exceeded my expectations.

_how we do it

Moonshots to MVPs
Or to ∞ and beyond 🚀


Validate your PMF. Draft future-proof roadmaps and accurate estimations.


Analyze your codebase, review product usability, & identify quick wins.

Design & development

Start a full-stack build with the right tools, team, and tech.

Team enablement

Scale up your velocity and practices with world-class remote consultants.
_about us

We're on a mission to build
meaningful software 💯

Meet our collective ->


Let’s build something
great together.
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