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_what we do

Our product engineers deliver clean code that doesn’t cut corners. We build meaningful apps from the bottom up, and teach old systems new tricks.

Full Stack Web Solutions 🛠️

Engage T-shaped engineers to go wide and deep in your preferred stack.

Reimagining enterprise labeling for Gaea Global ->

Mobile Applications 📱

Build meticulously crafted, blazing fast, and extensible iOS & Android apps.

We helped Abridge build their iOS and Android apps ->

Legacy Modernization 🤖

Re-engineer and maintain legacy systems and bring them to the 21st century.

How we transcoded 8M tracks for Tunecore ->

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_why us

At Tarka Labs, we believe in building software that outlives us.

No fast-food tech or noodle code 🍜

We architect long-term solutions with product discovery and diligence.

We’re artisans, not arsonists 🎨

We approach legacy systems with careful planning and mindful execution.

We’re advocates for better culture 🧑‍⚖️

We care deeply about processes and groom teams for sustainable results.

We’re tardigrades in the tech space 🐛

From ASP to AI/ML, we’re agile and quick to adapt to new paradigms.

_case studies

_What our clients are saying

Headshot of Gurukeerthi Gurunathan
Gurukeerthi Gurunathan
Co-founder, Caratlane

Tarka Labs has thought leaders and subject matter experts. They solve complex problems and build robust well-architected systems, and our conversations are always enriching. They are passionate tech craftsmen abreast with the latest trends. They have definitely exceeded my expectations.

Let’s build digital solutions together.
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