We’re building the workplace of the future.

We believe that accountability doesn’t hinge on middlemen and managers. Our work culture is remote-first and democratic by design, with open communication channels that encourage holistic learning, passionate discussions, and debates.

Life @ Tarka

Work From Anywhere (WFA)

We’re remote-first, and we mean it. From your favorite coffee shop to a shack by the beach, tune in and work from anywhere in the world.

Unlimited Leave Policy

Autonomy is the name of the game, so we don’t track your leaves. All we ask is that you plan your time efficiently with your project in mind.

We Heart Side Projects!

Learning is better when its holistic, so if you have big ideas, feel free to build on them. We operate with complete trust and transparency.

Build Your Own Brand (BYOB)

Tarka Labs is a catalyst for self discovery. Nurture and own your ideas, from video blogs to podcasts, with complete operational support.

We're an eclectic and tight-knit collective, so we love getting up close and personal. We're always happy to talk to thoughtful and passionate folks!

Feel free to reach out to us at hello@tarkalabs.com