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Glydel provides a fleet tracking solution for taxi companies in India.

Driven by a vision to bring intelligent tracking, greater transparency and improved customer service and satisfaction into the highly informal market of cab operators in India, Glydel was envisioned as an IoT-based smart transport platform.

The team at Glydel reached out to us during their growth stage, while they were scaling from managing small fleet operators to big fleet owners who had 500+ vehicles. Glydel was facing performance issues, along with a surprise attrition.


Our consultants helped Glydel optimize their database queries.

We started by driving queries from Google Maps’ bounding boxes and nearby location queries using the btree-gist index, which implements the distance operator (<-<).

We also moved their older jQuery based application and transformed it into a structured React.js-based app, and used Webpack for asset compilation.

This helped Glydel ease out their performance issues in times of rapid scale, and reduced attrition while improving the overall efficiency and experience.


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