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What We Built

Inkl approached us with a great vision.

They were out to build a free news service, and were on a journey to eliminate distractions and clickbait from essential and everyday stories.

The team at Inkl was on a mission to curate the best news stories from respected publishers and 100+ international sources, delivered in a clean and highly immersive reading interface that would delight users.

And we loved their idea!

As part of our engagement, we started with helping Inkl simplify their storyboard.

By dividing their single storyboard into multiple cohesive storyboards, we made them easily manageable and modular, so that Inkl could enhance parts of their storyboard in the future without affecting the rest.

For an immersive reader experience, we helped Inkl beautify the UI and build day and night themes into the app, to enhance the distraction-free interface of the app. In our mission to make the app intuitive and understand user interactions and behaviour, we integrated analytics into the app.

As a special feature, our team worked on displaying the Morning Edition notification, which alerts users at a specific time in the morning with their curated news stories.


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