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We build bridges between ideas and execution.

Headshot of Gurukeerthi Gurunathan

Tarka Labs has thought leaders and subject matter experts. They solve complex problems and build robust well-architected systems, and our conversations are always enriching. They are passionate tech craftsmen abreast with the latest trends. They have definitely exceeded my expectations.

Headshot of Toktam Rezaei

They’re the best technology team I have ever worked with. Tarka Labs delivered a user-friendly platform that received positive feedback directly from customers. Even though it has been in use for several years, the code is still reliable and scales without any issues. The team's agile methods enabled them to promptly turn projects around while brainstorming ways to make the process more productive.

Headshot of Steve Smith

I’ve worked with Tarka Labs on a platform project with a lot of moving pieces and custom features that took a deep thinking team to bring the idea to life. They are deep thinkers, analyze current solutions, ask insightful questions, and come up with solutions that really refined the ideas into a truly unique platform. They bring open thinking, disruptive ideas, and challenge conventional thinking. Be prepared!

Headshot of Amy McLeod

The team at Tarka labs have exceeded my expectations during our collaboration! Their expertise, coaching, and ability to bring our ideas to life have greatly enhanced our app prototype development and prepared us for the user testing phase of our project. Forever grateful!

Headshot of Eric Czarnopys

Tarka truly is a World-class team of skilled thought designers.

The experience design surpassed our expectations, resulting in an elegant and intuitive product blueprint.

The offline internal collaboration within the team results in the clearest product presentation to the end client.